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About us

BeatzBakers is a platform for producers all over Africa and the World to make money from their work.

BeatzBakers aim is to give opportunity to every producer to be able to work with every/ any artist, and this will be accomplished by producers uploading the beats and artists all over the world getting access to them by visiting the website.

With this a producer in Ghana can get the opportunity to work with an artist in the Caribbean, Canadian artist, American artist, Congolese artist, Namibian artist, Nigerian artists, and also a producer in these listed countries can also get the opportunity to work with artists in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Australia, China and the list goes on.

The aim of these collaborations is to diversify the music industry and also give birth to whole new music genre.

Producers can choose to sell/lease their beats.

In order for producers to make money which is the main goal of the is platform, BeatzBakers has gone further to collaborate with Tapes UK, where tapes is a platform that connects artists and DJ’s active in the urban music industry in the UK.

They provide marketing to radio for artists at an affordable cost, advice, and assistance with applying for funding, along with guidance and information on how to make money as an artist.

Thus, music produced from BeatzBakers has an added advantage of exploring the UK market.

Tapes UK is also in collaboration with Zion Recording Studio and Bigg Music Only. They will be collaborating with BeatzBakers to increase their ‘producer pool’ of talent, who will be working directly with them and new artists involved in their projects.

BeatzBakers vision to make revenue for producers has led it into adding collection of royalties for producers.

Whereby we will closely work with royalty collection firms to be doing that on behalf of the producers.

Take advantage of this opportunity, upload your works, see your works giving you the turn in your life, and see your works getting you collaborations with some of the top artists you can only dream of.